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The idea is simply described in 3 steps:

1. Join Stuffark. Create and manage your OWN shop !

We have already prepared a platform with everything you need to open your online store, advertise and sell your products !


2. Upload, Share and Advertise your digital or physical creations.


3. Sell them and gain profit !

Starting at 20%, to 18% commission for our loyal and most active members. The lowest in the market !


In Stuffark you turn your home creations into a profitable business and connect your shop with markets all around the globe!

Mechanical and Electonics Engineers

3D model Designers

Hobbyists and Craftsmen

find solutions, collaborate with other fellows, expand your knowledge though our community and upgrade your creations!

Gain the opportunity to advertise your own shop in a direct way using your own activity and tools or indirectly through the marketplace’s commercial activity!

The lowest commission you can find!
Based on your activity, the commission can be as low as 18% for each product you sell! More on activity based benefits will be uploaded soon.

Payment Methods

Currently, Stuffark supports Credit card payments through Stripe, for EU based creators/vendors.

During your store setup you can easily create a Stripe account through our platform by following the instructions accordingly. It is not necessary to create a Stripe account separately. Payouts will automatically transfer to your registered bank account (according to working days/hours).

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